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People in the Phishing Group

Core Faculty

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Steven Myers

Assistant Professor, Informatics

interests: cryptography, phishing, malware and systems security

L. Jean Camp

Associate Professor of Informatics,
Adjunct Associate Professor of Telecommunications

email: ljcamp a
interests: human centered computing, human trust behaviors, social informatics of security

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Minaxi Gupta

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

interests: security, computer networks

Associated Faculty

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Markus Jakobsson   View Markus Jakobsson's profile on LinkedIn

Adjunct Assoc. Professor of Informatics,
Principal Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center

email: markus a
interests: Spear phishing, social aspects of phishing, server-side countermeasures, malware and countermeasures, click-fraud, pharming, ethical experiments.

Fred H. Cate

Distinguished Professor of Law,
Adjunct Professor of Informatics,
Director of CACR

email: fcate a
interests: privacy, security and other information law issues

Filippo Menczer

Associate Professor of Informatics,
Associate Professor of Computer Science

interests: Uses and abuses of social networks and the web

Erik Stolterman

Director, Human-Computer Interaction Design
Professor of Informatics,
Professor of Cognitive Science

interests: novel authentication techniques, security and usability, design of secure interfaces

Youn-kyung Lim

Assistant Professor of Informatics

email: younlim a
interests: human-centered interaction design, prototyping techniques, theories in HCI, experience-centered design, user perception on phishing, security and usability

Eli B. Blevis

Assistant Professor of Informatics

email: eblevis a
interests: human-centered interaction design, sustainability-centered interaction design, design, collaborative design communities, HCI and security, sustainability and security, service learning

Peter Finn

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

email: finnp a
interests: psychological aspects of phishing and malware attacks, ethics of phishing experiments.

XiaoFeng Wang

Assistant Professor of Informatics

email: xw7 a
interests: malware and countermeasures, denial of service

Sukamol Srikwan

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Informatics

email: sjakobss a
interests: conservation biology, both with theoritical and practical approaches, internet security education

Visiting Researchers

Zhuowei Li

email: zholi a
interests: Malware/Botnet/Worm Detection and Signature Generation, Intrusion Detection, Anomaly Detection, System/Resource Behavior Profiling


Jacob Ratkiewicz   View Jacob Ratkiewicz's profile on LinkedIn

Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

interests: web and text mining, social engineering, phishing, search, information retrieval

Ruj Akavipat

Ph.D. Student, Computer Science


Chris Soghoian

Ph.D. Student, Security Informatics

email: csoghoian a

Farzaneh Agsharpour

M.S. Student, HCID/Cybersecurity Informatics

email: fasgharp a
interests: phishing, preventing online identity theft, network security, design and usability aspects of security

Ankur K. Shah

M.S. Student, Computer Science

email: shahak a
interests: social phishing, data mining, cryptography, pervasive computing

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Nathaniel A. Johnson   View Nathaniel A. Johnson's profile on LinkedIn

M.S. Computer Science (2005)

interests: phishing, social network, social engineering, data mining, security, cryptography

Andrew Dingman

email: adingman a

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