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Former Members of the Phishing Group

Previous Members

Sid Stamm   View Sid Stamm's profile on LinkedIn

Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

email: sstamm a
pgp key: 27873E2D
interests: Phishing and countermeasures, Social engineering, cryptography, communications protocols, programming languages

Virgil Griffith

interests: Mad Science, Data-mining

Tom N. Jagatic

M.S. Computer Science (2006)
Senior IT Security Consultant, MIT

interests: Spear phishing, Data mining, Phishing countermeasures, Security incident response

Alex Tsow

email: atsow a
interests: Phishing, pharming, embedded malware, wireless security, authentication.

Arvind Ashok

email: aashok a
interests: anti-phishing, VoIP security, HCI and security

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Changwei Liu

email: liu24 a
interests: Informatics security, programming

Mona Gandhi

M.S. Student, Computer Science

email: mpgandhi a

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